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Meditation is PARADISE

MEDITATION IS a natural state - which we have lost.
It is a paradise lost, but the paradise can be regained. Look into the child`s eyes. . . look and you will see tremendous silence, innocence.
Each child comes with a meditative state, but he has to be initiated into the ways of the society - he has to be taught how to think, how to calculate, how to reason, how to argue; he has to be taught words, language, concepts. And, slowly, slowly, he loses contact with his own innocence. He becomes contaminated, polluted by the society. He becomes an efficient mechanism; he is no more a man.

All that is needed is to regain that space once more. You had known it before, so when for the first time you know meditation, you will be surprised - because a great feeling will arise in you as if you have known it before.
And that feeling is true: You have known it before. You have forgotten. The diamond is lost in piles of rubbish. But if you can uncover it, you will find the diamond again - it is yours.
It cannot really be lost: it can only be forgotten. We are born as meditators, then we learn the ways of the mind. But our real nature remains hidden somewhere deep down like an undercurrent.
Any day, a little digging, and you will find the source still flowing, the source of fresh waters. And the greatest joy in life is to find it!

Source: Osho

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